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Make Money online 
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Hey there, friend! I'm so excited to be connecting with you.

So maybe you dream about having a life where you work for yourself, doing something you enjoy, without having a boss breathing under your neck, while making 6  or 7 figures. That´s what me and thousands of people are doing with our online businesses.

But you probably feel that doing this is a complex thing that requires experience, money, followers or special skills.

Well that’s not true.

I launched my first online course with no previous experience, very few followers, no money to invest in ads, no fancy tech…and while caring for my newborn.

That first launch made me 4647 dollars. Looking back, it sounds like nothing. But it was the catalyst to everything.

It showed me that making money from my home, while caring for my kids, was possible. I could work whenever, wherever. So I went deep into learning everything. 

Today, 9 years into my journey, I am one of Mindvalley´s top online course creators, I make 7 figures from my online courses that I created once  (from my home, and with my kids on my lap), I have learnt the secrets from the most successful people in the industry and I feel very passionate to teach others how to do the same… the EASY way.

Let me show you how YOU can turn what you do into an extra 10K every month. It doesn´t matter what your knowledge is on -my students come from every profession and interest area you can think of, from athletes, to coahces, to name it.



Many dream of making money online,
but they think it´s too complicated.

So I created the easiest way to help people package what they already know -from their profession, interests or hobbies- into an Online Course that they build once, and earn from forever. 

"Florencia is a force of nature and her trainings are outstanding"

Vishen Lakhiani, founder of Mindvalley

Featured On

🧘🏻 Yoga teacher
💃🏻 Dance instructor
🧩 Coach (life, business, wellness)
🏋️‍♀️ Fitness trainer
🏡 Airbnb host
👩🏼‍🎨 Painting instructor
💁🏻‍♀️ Language teacher
📲 Social media influencer
💁‍♀️ Personal advisor
🧑‍💼 Therapist
💄 Makeup artist
🎉 Event planner
💍 Jewelry artist
🎬 Content creator
📸 Photographer
🏠 Interior designer
🍳 Cooking instructor
🎵 Music teacher
👗 Fashion designer
🌍 Travel blogger
👩‍🏫 Education specialist
🎭 Acting coach
🧒 Child psychologist
🐶 Pet trainer
🌻 Gardening expert

and you name it...

If you are....

I founded Easy Launch Academy to help people with zero previous experience in the online business world, to make an extra 10K per month, by packaging their current knowledge into ONE online course that they build once and they earn from, for years to come.  

Create a profitable Online Course from what you Know, Love and Do 

"Florencia will impact billions of lives with her revolutionay method and her unique teaching style"

"Florencia is the best women to teach you how to start and grow a business. She rocks!"


"All you have to do is apply what she teaches to transform your business and your life"

Jack Canfield

#1 success coach

self-made billionaire, 
founder of viome and moon express

Marie Diamond


The whole tech thing is overwhelming: build a website, set up an email list, create digital products…it sounds like a foreign language to me!”

There are so many people out there doing the same thing, how am I supposed to stand out and get noticed?

“I don’t even have a big following on Instagram, will anyone even care about what I have to offer?”

“Don´t even get me started on time. Between work, family, and so many other things on my plate, I already feel there´s not enough hours in the day”

“What if I invest time and money doing something that might not work out?”

“Being a content entrepreneur and having a lifestyle of freedom sounds great…but I don´t even know where to start. Like…what is my passion? What could I possibly teach? I feel lost”

Let me guess what you are thinking, right now you... 🤔

There has never been a better time in human history to earn passive income online. With the power of the internet, you can sell your knowledge to the entire world and turn your passion into real profit

 It can be overwhelming and confusing to start an online business, but you don't need to be a tech genius or have it all figured out. I'm here to guide you through the easiest way to do it, step by step, with no confusing stuff. 

You can make very good money online with what you already know from your profession or hobbies.

x No fancy degree required.
x No office or team required.
x No previous experience required.
x No big following required.

I and thousands of other are living this lifestyle. Making 10k per month (and much more) working from our laptops, from anywhere in the world, without a fixed schedule. Let me show you EXACTLY how to do this, in a FREE class:

"Listen, I totally get where you're coming from...


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