I went from dreaming about an awesome lifestyle, to creating it. 

My Story

Hey gorgeous, I'm Florencia.

 I'm the author of 4 international bestsellers that have sold over a half a million copies. Last year, I was ranked Best Motivational Speaker and my waitlist as a mindset coach for celebrities is always full. But do you know what my true passion is? Creating online courses. Why? Because it's given me the lifestyle I've always dreamed of: freedom, fulfillment, and financial independence.

This is what my life looks like today - I earn multiple figures from my online businesses, working from my laptop overlooking the Mediterranean ocean and taking time off whenever I want. But it wasn't always this way. 

I always wanted to be successful, but what I valued even more was freedom. The freedom to choose when and how to work, take afternoons off to be with my kids, travel wherever, and buy myself whatever I wanted without feeling guilty (hello Louis Vuitton!). I knew that kind of freedom would never come from a 9 to 5 job or being an author or a full-time speaker.

That's when I discovered the gold mine that is content creation. I saw it as my big possibility to work from home, at any time I wanted, be present for my kids, and even make passive income while on vacation. But when I gave my first steps in that world, I soon realized it was harder than I thought. 

The content creation world was - and still is - dominated by men, and I didn't resonate with the way they explained things…I mean, half the time, I didn't even understand the words they were using! I had to hire a ton of experts to teach me marketing, websites, launching, selling, communication, social media, video production, branding...you name it! I spent heaps of money and time putting all the pieces together to build my online business.
And along the way, I kept asking myself: why does becoming a content creator have to be so complicated? Is there an easier way?

That's why I founded Easy Launch Academy. I want to offer the easiest way to build an online business, so you can have the same awesome lifestyle I have. So, let me share more about my journey and how I can help you build your own lifestyle of freedom and fulfillment…

Starting with no experience, I took a leap of faith and began doing book presentations on small stages 20 years ago. I invested countless hours into training with the best motivational experts and coaches in the world, and I diligently honed my skills.  I found a passion in inspiring large audiences and was a speaker in more countries than I can count. I feel very honored to have been named the "Best Female Speaker" at top summits across Europe. With Sony Music as my main sponsor,
I embarked on a world tour, delivering keynote presentations to hundreds of thousands of people in stadiums all around the globe. 

Finding My Voice: The Journey to Becoming an International Speaker

My journey as an entrepreneur began in 2010 when my mom and I decided to launch our book, Total Confidence. Few people believed in us -not even our editor- cause we had almost nothing: we had no followers, no celebrity status, no previous experience writing a book, no money for advertising. But we had the most important element of all: we were experts in how to build a winning mindset. And that was the key to make our big dream happen. Our book became a world bestseller, published in multiple languages by Penguin Random House, and we have sold over 500,000 copies to date. The groundbreaking work we created even earned the prestigious "Golden Book Award," making us the first women in 40 years to receive this honor.

The Power of Belief: Overcoming Obstacles When Even My Editor Didn't Believe in Me

where I started

Vishen Lakhiani

“Flor is a force of nature!
She is like a female Tony Robbins"


My expertise led me to become a teacher at Mindvalley, one of the most prestigious online course platforms worldwide. This opportunity allowed me to meet and work with top leaders in the industry, honing my skills in content creation, online marketing, branding, and social media.

Now, I'm here to share my knowledge and experience with you. Let's work together to turn your passion into a successful online course and make your dreams a reality!

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My journey as a content creator started in 2016, when I decided to create and sell my own online courses. With no prior knowledge, I faced many challenges and learned through trial and error. Along the way, I discovered the secrets of successful marketing, crafting engaging courses, and how to sell them successfully.

Mastering the Art of
 Course Creation...

where I started

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Courses Creation

Marie Diamond

I absolutely adore her work! And I recommend her work as a speaker, in trainings for the businesses…she is the most amazing woman out there!"


I have been happily married to my husband, Lucas, for over 20 years

Blessed with two beautiful children who bring so much joy and meaning to my lives

Our family has been fortunate to have traveled extensively and embarked on amazing adventures together.

We live in a beautiful house with a stunning view of the Mediterranean ocean, and we also have a lovely puppy 🐶 who keeps us company and brings us endless happiness.

This is my proudest achievement

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